Metaposts – Subjects T-Z

Tax lawyers and structure (See my post of March 27, 2009: tax lawyers and reporting with 7 references.).
Technology support IT staff (See my post of June 16, 2009: Information Technology staff group with 23 references and 1 metapost.).
Telecommute (See my post of May 30, 2006: telecommuting work at home with 5 references.)
Temporary staff (See my post of Sept. 9, 2008: temporary staff with 8 references.).
Timekeepers (See my post of Dec. 27, 2008: timekeepers with 18 references.).
Titles (See my post of June 26, 2008: titles with 15 references.).
Total legal spend TLS (See my post of Aug. 21, 2008: total legal spend as percent of revenue with 9 references and one metapost.).
Trademarks (See my post of Aug. 19, 2009: trademarks with 33 references.).
Transition cases to new firm (See my post of Sept. 12, 2008: transfer matters to new counsel with 8 references.).
Translation services (See my post of June 5, 2009: translating documents with 7 references.)
Travel policies outside counsel (See my post of May 7, 2008: travel policies for outside counsel with 7 references.).
Trends (See my post of Jan. 2, 2009: trends in management of law departments with 7 references.).
Twitter (See my post of April 28, 2009: Twitter and 6 references.).
Unbundle (See my post of April 11, 2009: services of law firms that can be separated out with 12 references and one metapost.).
Unexpected consequences (See my post of May 28, 2009: unintended consequences with 8 references.).
Unifying and integrating a global legal group (See my post of March 1, 2009: creating a one-department culture with 7 posts and 5 metaposts.).
UTBMS Uniform Task Based Billing System (See my post of Dec. 21, 2008: UTBMS Uniform Task-Based Billing System with 8 references.).
Vacations (See my post of Feb. 22, 2009: vacations and holidays with 10 references.).
Value delivered by law firms for fees paid (See my post of Aug. 21, 2009: value compared to fees paid with 22 references.).
Values (See my post of May 23, 2008: values with 12 references.).
Values of general counsel, see values (See my post of Sept. 23, 2009: values with 11 references since May 2008 metapost.).
Virtual law firms (See my post of Aug. 10, 2007: virtual firms law firm teams with 6 references.).
Loyalty to law firms (See my post of Aug. 4, 2008: loyalty to law firms with 6 references.).
Wikis (See my post of Sept. 1, 2008: wikis with 8 references; and Dec. 31, 2007: Wikipedia and law department management.)
Wired RFP process (See my post of March 16, 2009: rigged competitions with 6 references.).
Work product (See my post of Aug. 28, 2008: work product with 10 references.).
Work-life balance family friendly (See my post of Aug. 21, 2008: work-life balance with 9 references.).
Write-offs (See my post of March 8, 2009: write offs and bill reductions with 8 references and one metapost, bill review.).
Writing (See my post of Feb. 5, 2009: writing with 6 references.).